Sketches, Instagram

January 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Some sketches I’ve done recently. “Scanned” with Instagram, the app that I use most often with Rosto.






… Back again?

January 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Now that I have a white iPhone 4s (which I’ve aptly named Rosto), I might actually update this blog more than once a year. Quite exciting, really, since it was the double-trouble issues of accessibility of the internet and the speed and ease with which everything is processed that kept this lady at bay from the blogging craze. So a very loving thank-you to the wonderful husband who made this all possible for me. 🙂

I signed up for two classes at the Concept Design Academy for the Spring 2012 term. It’ll be my first time taking classes there. I’ve taken Storyboarding and Perspective at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, but after more research in the desire to further my entertainment arts education, I’ve decided that CDA looks far more promising in its ability to teach me what I really need to know in order to get a job in the animation industry. I’ll be taking Figure Invention for Animation with Rad Sechrist, and Sketching for Environment with Ed Li.

Extremely excited about starting classes next month. I think the 10 weeks of learning will be intense, and I aim to study hard and work harder. At 28 years of age I’m ready to kick some more ass in this colorful other side of the entertainment biz.

One last thing, still waiting to hear back from Fox TV about the Family Guy storyboard test I submitted last month. If anyone’s reading this, please wish me luck! 🙂

Life Sketches: LA Zoo and Little Tokyo

March 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last Saturday I went to the LA Zoo with a friend and classmate, Gabe, to sketch certain animals. It was a class assignment for a Storyboarding class I took at Gnomon (which just ended this past Monday), and it was the first time I had ever gone anywhere specifically to sketch from life. It was a hugely liberating experience. Having to draw from animals that didn’t sit still, that weren’t considerate enough to hold a nice pose, forced us to draw quickly and not worry about the details, but the overall gesture, the form. I quickly realized how I had been way too limited in my drawings in the past–starting with the eyes, then the eyebrows, then the nose, the lips, the hair, the ears, the neck, the shoulders… starting from one point and working ever so slowly to the other details. Missing the gesture. Often not quite hitting the pose, and wondering why. Well, because I wasn’t looking at the entire form, that’s why!

Now I know. Now I’ve been set upon the right path, and I’ll keep going down it, feeling like I’ve finally learned how to draw a little.

I’m definitely going to the zoo again. And next time I’m going to spend hours there.

Well, since I didn’t want to spend $14 to go to the zoo today, I decided I would wander my neighborhood instead, looking for people to sketch. I had a free morning, so I spent it in Weller Court in Little Tokyo, sitting myself down at one of the tables in front of Marukai and the Sendai Cafe, and sketching whoever happened to come near.

The Gangsta Three

I’m really glad I did so–I never knew before this morning that elderly Japanese men loved baseball caps so much! And the one man with his sideways cap–I’m really grateful to have seen that!

Color added in Photoshop CS4.